Trinity Garage Door

License No.: GD13010
License No.: GDI-09484


There are two types of garage doors: automatic and manual. If your garage door is automatic, then it depends on the lift system (garage door opener) and the door mechanism in order to operate well. On the other hand, if your garage door is manual, then it only depends on the door mechanism (tracks with rollers on the sides) in order for the garage door to roll open.

One garage door part that works for both automatic and manual garage doors are torsion springs. Torsion springs provide an effortless transition during the opening and closing of the garage door. When winter comes in Tampa, these springs shrink making it harder for them pull and push doors. Over time, torsion springs become worn and broken leaving you with no other choice but to seek garage door repair.
What most people living in Tampa do not realize is that they can replace worn garage door springs before they break. This costs a lot less than a replacement or major garage door repair. You see, the price of a typical garage door repair in Tampa can range from $65 to $600 depending on certain factors. These factors include:
  • The quality of materials used to repair your torsion springs (high quality materials are more expensive than low end ones);
  • The experience of the technician you will hire;
  • Proper license and insurance of the repair company;
  • And where you are located in Tampa Bay Area.
Most people cannot stand having broken garage doors. If you are one of those people, these tips may help you out:
  • Check for frayed or worn cables.
  • Put lubricants for squeaky tracks and springs.
  • Prevent precipitation from getting in contact with your garage door springs.
  • Sprang your garage door regularly checked for wear signs.
  • Hire a qualified technician to replace worn and old springs.
  • Ensure that your garage doors are properly insulated to prevent harsh weather conditions from taking its toll on them.
Avoid costly garage door repair in Tampa by ensuring that your garage door springs and other garage door parts are operating safely and efficiently all year round. Schedule routine maintenance checks with your technician.  Consistent maintenance is important in preventing any type of spring breakage or emergency situation. Also, do not attempt to fix garage door springs on your own. Hiring a technician has been always a better and safer option.

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